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In today's computing age, it's remarkable how the fundamentals of interacting with our devices and software have remained largely unchanged for over three decades. Reflecting on Microsoft Office 1.0 from 1989, one finds an uncanny familiarity with contemporary office suites. Whether it's creative, professional tasks or gaming, the core interaction remains consistent, albeit with significant advancements in audiovisual quality.

However, amidst this stagnation, the open-source community has thrived, particularly evident in the Linux Desktop Experience, now a highly competitive alternative to proprietary systems preoccupied with ads or outright abandoned ones (looking at you Apple).

The tough part for Desktop Linux has always been hardware support which is especially drastic on laptops. Here power management is essential and can only be achieved if all the hardware is fully supported by the operating system.

Since early 2022 I was rocking the Apple Macbook Pro 14" with M1 Pro and 16 GB of RAM and earlier this year (2024) I switched to a TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen3. This one rocks a AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS and 32GB RAM. So we are now looking at this Laptop with a perspective of coming from the Apple Macbook Pro.

Tuxedo Pulse 14 Gen 3

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly


Transitioning from an Apple MacBook Pro to the TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen3, powered by Linux, has been an intriguing journey. While certain aspects of the experience may not match the seamless integration of its proprietary counterpart, the TUXEDO Pulse 14 presents a compelling alternative, particularly for users invested in open-source values and seeking a robust computing environment for a lower price.

Gnome 46 Desktop

The laptop's strengths, including its commendable compute power, ample RAM, and versatile port selection, underscore its suitability for diverse tasks, from game development in Unity to C# backend development and office productivity. Moreover, its matte-finished display enhances readability, contributing to a comfortable working environment.

However, the transition was not without its challenges. Especially the webcam and the sluggish wake-from-hibernate process have to be noted here.

Despite a few drawbacks I am happy with my TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen3 Especially considering its competitive pricing and alignment with my specific use cases, I love that I can now run Linux on the go and embrace open-source innovation.

Here is the wallpaper I used for this: LINK