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In the past year (2021) especially the whole tech bubble went on and on about the metaverse. But I think it is premature to announce its conception. I have a very clear vision of what the metaverse ultimately is and thus of the prerequisites needed to actually make it happen. Obviously there are a lot […]

On the Future (2022)

I am describing myself as a Futurist. To me, that is a person, who is a catalyst, who encourages and enables change within a project or company in order to stay (or become) more competitive in the drastically changing digital market. There is this thing called digitisation, that is rooted in the development of the […]

What to do with an Apple iSight in 2020

The famously overbuilt original Apple iSight with Firewire Interface was a very early Webcam. Launched in 2003 it featured 640×480 Pixels resolution at 30 Frames per Second. Since most Systems at the time where not capable of encoding video in that resolution in realtime, the camera even included a video-encoding chip. So along with the […]

USB Boot with PowerPC Mac

When you have an old PowerPC Mac but no OS DVD, you have a problem. You cannot boot from USB as these old PowerPCs only support booting from internal disks, cds or via firewire. There is however a way to convince your old Apple’s OpenFirmware, that your usb drive is actually a cd-drive and here […]

Slideshow on TV with Raspberry

Sad backstory For years now, I was using AppleTVs, FireTVs and even Windows PCs (originally meant for gaming) to display recent and ancient family photos. Recently however the FireTV we were using started acting weird. Firstly it did not iterate all photos (over 11.000 of them). After its last firmware only the most recent files […]